Engine Management Repairs

Engine Management describes the control of engine operation. 

Engine Management describes the control of engine operation.  The tasks of an engine management system petrol or diesel are to manage the ignition and fuelling as well as other aspects, and to refine the basic control of an engine.

If your engine management light is on it is your cars only way of telling you something is wrong.

It is best to have this checked by a professional.  Your car may feel that it is driving ok but this is only because the engine management system is over compensating in another area.

We can carry out engine management repair on all makes and models.

Diagnostics Procedure:

  1. Have your car booked in to be diagnosed by one of our fully trained technicians.
  2. We will discuss the problem with you and gain as much information as we can about the problem.  For example, if the fault happens all the time or only when hot or cold.
  3. Has any work been done lately that may have caused  this problem.  For example, I only got it serviced last week and it never ran like this before.
  4. We might then test drive the vehicle to record live data on our equipment or to simply see the fault ourselves.
  5. We will then plug your vehicle into the appropriate diagnostic machine to determine if any fault codes are present.
  6. We can then print off the fault and discuss with you what action should then be taken.  For example, if there is an oxygen sensor fault and the engine system is running rich or lean we can carry out a smoke test on the vehicle to see if there is any intake leaks instead of just replacing the sensor.
  7. We will repair the car replacing the necessary parts (if any) and clear the faults and test drive the car to be sure all is ok.

We can also carry out specific tests on specialist engine management components such as:

Electronic Ignition Systems
Exhaust gas recirculation valves (EGR)
Catalystic convertors
Lamda sensors
Fuel injection components
Fuel mixture calculations
Common rail diesel systems
Diesel emissions
DPF testing
Diesel injection systems
Glow plugs
Closed loop lambda control
Exhaust and air supply systems
Engine cooling system and operation and much more as well as ECU repairs and supplies


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