We have unequalled experience in vehicle diagnostics.

Q. What is Diagnostics?

A. Diagnosis is used in many different disciplines, but all use logic, analysis and experience to determine cause and effect relationships.  In automotive engineering, diagnosis is simply used to determine the causes of systems and solutions to issues.

At Greenaway Auto Electrics we have been specialising in vehicle diagnostics since 1996.  Back then diagnostics would simply have been an OBD reader (on board diagnostics) which was used simply to monitor all main engine sensors/fuel system/ignition system and exhaust system.

Nowadays things are far more advanced with the increased power of engine control units (ECU) we can also look at live fast frame data from all aspects of engine control as well as record and download live data while the car is being driven.

Diagnostics also now covers all major and minor body functions of your vehicle, we can plug one of our many machines in to your vehicle and check if the electric windows work, we can actuate your wiper motor check why your alarm goes off and lots of other things that would not be possible many years ago.

Why Use Greenaway?

We have unequalled experience in vehicle diagnostics.  We have been doing it from the very beginning.  Even though your local backstreet garage has some sort of diagnostic equipment you can not always replace parts just on the strength of what the machine says.  The machine is only a tool.  That can be very dangerous and costly in the wrong hands.  Example, we have seen many times before a mass air flow fault that is just a cracked pipe or an ESP fault that could be simply a faulty brake light bulb.

What Equipment do you have?

We use diagnostic machines that cover all makes and models:

  • Snap On
  • Launch
  • Bosch
  • VAG Group
  • Renault Clip
  • Peugeot/Citreon
  • Op Com
  • Vauxhall Tech 2

We also use smoke test machines and oscilloscope diagnostics.

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